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Welcome to Siberian Cats of Pennsylvania.  We are a home based, smoke free cattery situated outside of Dallas, Texas.  We specialize in finding loving homes for our color point and traditional Siberian KittensSiberians in the Pennsylvania area. Our kittens travel to their new homes aboard United Airlines’ Pet-Safe Program.  Under this program Live Cargo, depending on the time of the year, is transported to and from the aircraft in heated or air conditioned vehicles.  They are loaded last and unloaded first. The kittens travel in a temperature controlled section of the plane situated directly under the cockpit.  This area shares the same humidity and temperature control as does the cockpit.  We have been using the Pet-Safe Program for about seven years now and are very pleased with the service. With United we are able to ship kittens into Philadelphia International (PHL), Pittsburgh International (PIT), Newark Liberty International (EWR), LaGuardia (LGA) and sometimes into Harrisburg International MDT) and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International (AVP).



The Siberian is the native cat of Russia. It could be found in snowy forests, in the back alleys of some of Russia’s largest cities and on the icy plains of the Taiga River. Little is known about their early history and development.

The first Siberian was imported to the United States from their homeland in 1990. Although it is still more common on the Asian continent and in Europe, over the past twenty years or so, they have gradually become known as loving, intelligent household pets.

Siberian KittenThere are two types of Siberians: the traditional which are calico in coloring, tabbies, bi-colors and solids. The other variety is called color point or “Neva Masquerade", both for the Neva River in Siberia and the mask-like appearance of the color point. These cats have stunning blue eyes and their extremities can be tipped in gray, red and brown.

Their athletic build supports their reputation for being exceptionally agile jumpers. Their full neck ruff and triple very water-resistant medium-long coat are possibly evolutionary traits that helped deal with the harsh Russian winters. This, coupled with their dog-like personality, makes them an energetic, fun-loving feline. They tend not to be shy with strangers, as is so common in some cat breeds. They are a loyal, affection and playful breed.



Any kitten we send you will come already pre-spoilt, healthy, loving and well socialized.  They will make you laugh and with a little love on your part, they will grow to be a loyal companion who will become a lifelong friend.

Siberian KittenWe are always available to give advice and to help with any issues that may arise.  This commitment is not just at the time of purchase or for your first three days of ownership but throughout the lifetime of our cats.  We will also work with an owner to re-home a cat, throughout its lifetime, should this becomes necessary.

We take every possible precaution in selecting our breeding stock, providing a clean environment, good nutrition and excellent veterinary care for our cats and kittens.   Before each kitten leaves it has had at least two full upper respiratory immunizations and is neutered or spayed.  Each of our kittens, by the time that they are ready to depart, will have been checked at least twice by two different veterinarians.  Because of all of the above, we are able to send out each kitten with a written guarantee of good health.  If you wish to learn more about our health guarantee and to read our two-year genetic contract, please click here.


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